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Roster Sync

Each time you launch Perusall from Blackboard, a roster sync is run in the background.  Any students that have added to your LMS course will be added to your Perusall course roster (under the Students tab), and any that have unenrolled will be removed from the course.

Group Sync

If enabled by your Blackboard Admin, to access Blackboard group sync, navigate to your Perusall course Settings > Grouping, select Specify groups, and then click Import Groups from Blackboard to trigger a pop-up window allowing you access to your Blackboard group sets.  Select one group set to apply to your Perusall course.

Grade Sync

Perusall will automatically create gradebook columns for syncing grades. There is no need to create individual assignment links in Blackboard in order for grades to sync automatically.  (For more info, see Grade sync in LTI 1.3.)

Assignment Link (Deep Link) Creation

To create individual links to each Perusall assignment; you can create "deep links" into the corresponding Perusall assignment. To do this,

  1. You must first create the assignment in Perusall
  2. Navigate to Settings > Scoring > Grade Sync to LMS > LMS gradebook column management, set to Instructor creates deep links in LMS; no Perusall gradebook columns will appear in LMS until deep links have been created > Click Save Changes.
  3. In your Blackboard course:
    1. In Learn: Go to Build Content > Perusall Deep Link.

    2. In Ultra: Click + (Add content) > Content Market > find second Perusall link.

  4. A window will pop up that will allow you to select a Perusall assignment to link.  Click on the assignment in the dropdown, and click Link to this assignment.


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