How do notes work?

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You can use Perusall to take notes. Your notes are by default private to you, but you can also share them with others to be collaboratively edited. You can create and manage notes in two ways:

  • Click Notes in the left panel to view all of your notes for the course, and then click New to create a new note.
  • While you have a document open, click the pencil icon in the right sidebar to open the notes panel, and then click New to create a new note.

When you are editing a note with a document, select text from the document while the Notes panel is open to save that snippet of text into your notes. (You can do the same with a figure using the Figure tool.) You can open a particular note from multiple different documents or assignments, to incorporate snippets from multiple documents.  And you can also type in your own notes alongside the snippets that you capture from the text.

If you want to share your note with someone else in the course, click Share. They will then have full access to the notes, including the ability to edit or delete it. Clicking the download button will create a Microsoft Word version of your note that you can download to your computer. (Due to publisher restrictions, snippets that you copy from the text may not appear in downloaded notes.)

Notes are not shared with anyone else in your course, unless you share them. They do not count towards your grade.

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