Sales reps authorized by the publisher can use Perusall's My Samples feature to sample titles to instructors through the Perusall interface. My Samples allows your reps to provide samples to instructors inside a sample Perusall course, enabling instructors to preview both the book and the dynamic social reading experience that students would get by adopting the book through Perusall.

To start, click My Samples on the main home page after logging in to Perusall. (If you do not see this button, contact Perusall Support to request access.) Then create a new sample by providing the following information:

  • Instructor name and email address
  • Institution name
  • Title you would like to sample
  • Message to instructor (a default is provided, which you can customize)

Once the invitation is sent, the instructor will receive an email message (from the rep) with a link to preview the text within Perusall. After accepting the terms and conditions, the instructor will be taken directly to the text; there is no need for the instructor to go through the steps to create a Perusall account.

The status of each sample can be monitored in the My Samples screen. Each sample is in one of the following states:

  • Pending: The sample has not yet been sent; it is still being processed by the system
  • Email sent: The invitation email has been sent to the instructor
  • Email read: The invitation email has been read by the instructor (note that some email clients do not allow Perusall to track this step)
  • Clicked link: The instructor clicked the link in the invitation email
  • Book opened: The instructor accepted the terms and conditions and opened the book

One minute after the instructor has opened the book, they will be prompted to set a password so they can return to their Perusall account later. Using this account they can then create a course to use with their own students.