In rare instances, students may post content that is inappropriate, such as content that is:

  • mean-spirited or abusive
  • plagiarized 
  • otherwise harms the course discussion

Perusall handles this allowing course members to "flag" comments as inappropriate. Your students can always flag a comment by clicking the exclamation mark icon beneath a comment:

When students flag a comment, the instructor(s) in the course are notified by email. The email message will show you the flagged content and allow you to unflag if necessary.

You can also manage the flag status of comments. To do this, first select Show comment scores from the filter dropdown, if it is not already selected:

Then you will see the score beneath each comment; click Flag as inappropriate from the score dropdown:

You can follow the same process to unflag a comment.

Perusall will also automatically flag comments that are exact duplicates of comments that have already been posted to Perusall (excepting very short comments like "I agree!" which are likely to be repeated). Instructors will receive an email notification if this happens.

Flagged comments are not counted towards a student's score.