Creating a course

If you plan to integrate Perusall with your LMS, set up that integration first -- course creation in Perusall happens automatically the first time you launch Perusall from the course in your LMS. Once the course is created, you can copy documents and assignments over from a previous course, if desired, via Course Setup > Readings > Add > Materials from another course.

If you plan to use Perusall standalone, you can create a new course using the Create course button on the Perusall home page (after logging in). Alternatively, you can clone a previous course using the Copy course button -- this will allow you to start from the skeleton of a previous course (minus the previous semester's student roster and student work) and simply adjust the deadlines or change materials from there.

Deleting a course

To delete a course, navigate to Course Setup > General, and then click Delete course at the bottom of the page.