Perusall partners with many leading publishers so that you can use your preferred textbook within the platform. To add a textbook to your course, navigate to Course Setup > Readings, click Add > Textbook in the Documents panel, and then browse our catalog of available titles. If you don't see the title you are interested in using, then tell us what book you have in mind and we'll work with the publisher to make it available within Perusall.

When you request a book already in our catalog, it will typically be added to your course within 24 hours. If you request a book that is not in our catalog, we will follow up with you with information about the book's availability.

When you adopt a textbook within Perusall, your students will be prompted to purchase the book within Perusall using a credit card the first time they access it. Students must purchase the book through Perusall, either online with a credit card, or by redeeming a Perusall access code purchased at the bookstore. (At this time, we cannot grant access to a book in Perusall when it has been purchased elsewhere.)

Even if you use a textbook in your Perusall course, you can still upload your own documents and assign readings both from the book and from your own documents. There is no cost to the students to use Perusall with a textbook, beyond the cost of the book itself.