If you want to give someone else full access to your course as an instructor, select Course Setup > Access, and then enter a list of email address(es) of the instructor(s) you want to invite to your course, separated by commas, semicolons, or spaces. Each instructor will receive an email invitation to join the course; the instructors you invite will have the same permissions that you do to access and administer the course, including access to all student data.  

If you want to share only selected documents or assignments with another instructor (and you do not want to share student data), create a course for sharing, and then make the collaborator an instructor in that course:

  1. On your Perusall home page, select Copy a course.
  2. Select the course that has materials that you want to copy, and give the new course a name. The copy that is created will have all documents and assignments from your old course, but not the student data.
  3. Go into the new course you just created, and remove any documents or assignments you do not want to share.
  4. Make your collaborator an instructor in this new course, following the procedure above.