By default, each assignment you create in Perusall is assigned to all students. In other words, it will be visible to each student and each participating student will receive a grade for the assignment in the gradebook.

If you have an assignment that should only be visible to certain students, assign it to only those students when creating the assignment:

When you assign an assignment only to specific students, only those students will see the assignment in their Upcoming and Past Assignments panels. If you want to keep the assignment assigned to all students but change the deadline for certain students, use the extend deadline feature.

If you create different assignments that are assigned to different students, you can direct Perusall to put the grades for these assignments into a single gradebook column. To do this, ensure that each assignment has the same name and the same deadline. When doing this, ensure that each student only has one assignment in the set assigned to them; if you have a student with multiple assignments of the same name assigned to them, only one of the grades will show up in the corresponding gradebook column.

You may also want to differentiate your instruction by giving each student an assignment, but have different students reading different documents for the assignment. To do this:

  1. Navigate to Course Setup > Readings. 
  2. Add a folder to contain the documents you will assign: click Add > Folder under Documents.
  3. Open the folder by clicking the next to the folder, and then drag and drop the appropriate documents into that folder.
  4. Assign the folder by clicking once to highlight the folder and then clicking Assign.
  5. Select which document will be assigned to each student, give the assignment a name, and click Save Changes.

When you create a differentiated assignment in this way, all of the grades for that assignment will show up under a single gradebook column, even though students will be reading different documents to complete the assignment.