How do I use podcasts or audio assignments in Perusall?

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Podcasts or other audio files can be added to your course from three sources:

  • A searchable podcast directory
  • A RSS feed URL
  • A direct link to an MP3 file

To add a podcast to your course, select Course home > Library > Add > Podcast and then select the source of the podcast:


Searching the directory

If you plan to search the directory, you can add a few search terms, find the podcast you would like to assign, and then select an episode to add to your library.

Using RSS feed URLs

If you cannot find the podcast you are looking for the in the directory, you can add it using an RSS feed URL. (An RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication) is a XML file that lists all of the episodes of the podcast with links to the audio files.)

To find the RSS feed URL, visit the web site for the podcast you want to add to find the RSS link. There will often be an RSS icon that looks something like this:


Paste the RSS link into Perusall, and then select the episode of the podcast to add to your course. Then click OK to add that episode to your course.

If the RSS feed URL is not immediately apparent, the web site is a handy tool for finding the RSS feed for a podcast. Just paste in the home page for the podcast and it is often able to find the RSS feed URL automatically.

Using a direct link to an MP3 file

If you already have a direct link to an MP3 file containing the audio you would like to add, simply paste in that URL. Then the audio will become available in your course library.
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