How do I order Access Codes for my students (ebook & platform access)?

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When you adopt a textbook within Perusall, your students will either be prompted to purchase the book within Perusall or redeem a Perusall access code the first time they access it. Students can choose to buy directly in the Perusall course, or enter an access code purchased at your college bookstore.


If you'd like your students to purchase ebook access codes at your bookstore, simply let your bookstore know that you plan to adopt the Perusall version of the book. We recommend giving your bookstore the following information to expedite the process:

  • Name, author, edition, and ISBN of the book that you are looking to use in your course. You can find this information in our catalog.
  • How many codes are requested of each type (perpetual and rentals, if applicable); see our catalog for a listing of which purchase options are available for each title.

**Please note that ebooks purchased from vendors other than Perusall will not work on the Perusall platform**

 Learn more about ordering Perusall access codes


If you are using only free materials at an institution without a license, you may elect to support Perusall by adding a course choice platform access fee. Just like with textbooks, students can purchase either online using a credit card or through your university bookstore (including as part of an inclusive or equitable access program). If you prefer to purchase access on behalf of your students, you or your bookstore can purchase access codes in bulk from Perusall by contacting our Operations Team. When reaching out, please include (or have your bookstore include) the following information:

  • Looking to purchase Course Choice Platform Access Codes
  • The desired price per code (suggested $15)
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