How does Perusall help promote academic integrity in my course?

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Flagging comments

In rare instances, students may post content that is inappropriate, such as content that is:

  • mean-spirited or abusive
  • plagiarized
  • otherwise harms the course discussion

Your students can flag a comment by clicking the exclamation mark icon beneath a comment:


When students flag a comment, the instructor(s) in the course are notified by email. The email message will show you the flagged content and allow you to unflag if necessary. You can later review previously flagged comments as needed (see below).

Instructors can view and change the flag status of comments in context. To do this, first select Show comment scores from the Options dropdown, if it is not already selected:

Then, you will see the score beneath each comment; click Flag as inappropriate from the score dropdown:


You can follow the same process to unflag a comment.

Auditing flagged comments

To view all flagged comments in one space, navigate to the audit dashboard by clicking on the Audit button on the left sidebar. This is another way to view flagged comments, and take action in one space.

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Issue Types

  • Content was pasted into comment-Perusall will identify when part or all of a student's comment has been pasted in from outside of Perusall. (The highlighted part is what was pasted; if nothing is highlighted then the pasted text was removed before posting.)We provide this notification informational purposes; it doesn't necessarily mean that a student did anything wrong, and for this reason Perusall won't automatically take any action based on this finding. (For example, a student could be inappropriately pasting something in from another web site and passing it off as their own work, but the student also might be pasting in a quotation they are quoting from, or they might be pasting in their own work that they composed outside of Perusall.)
  • May not be valid english- Perusall isn't able to identify if the comment is a proper sentence
  • Flagged as inappropriate- you or a student in the course has flagged the comment.

Turnitin submission checker

Perusall courses built with an LMS integration have the ability to integrate with Turnitin. If configured by your institution, Perusall will check student comments and quiz essay responses for originality using your institution's subscription to Turnitin. For set up instructions, university admins can follow this setup page.

Instructors can see if their school has completed the Turnitin integration by navigating to Settings > Integrity. Depending on how your institution has set up the integration, you may have additional options you can set to customize the integration for your course.

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When the integration is enabled for your course, students will be required to accept the Turnitin End User License Agreement upon enrolling in the course:

Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 3.09.49 PM.png

When Turnitin flags a student's assignment as similar to other published material, a small "T" icon will be displayed next to that student's score in the Perusall Gradebook. To view the Turnitin Report, click on the score and then select the Turnitin similarity report tab. Perusall will provide a summary of the report, and you can click View report to open up the full report with details about what original sources are similar to the students' comments.

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